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Sudden Impact BaitsSudden Impact Baits
New Products!
HT Striker Pro Hookset System-Universally works with any length of action ice combo.

Prizm Pro Ice Combo
-Come with the premium cork handled Total Touch handle system that gives you "Bite to Fight" technology.

-The Mag-Net-Go has been designed and successfully proven to help you catch more fish by netting them. Paul "Coot" Williams invented, tested, and evaluated the results of the Mag-Net-Go to have less tangles and drag when catching your big catch.

Pro DX Tightline Ice Fly Reel
-Machined Aluminum Body Drag Control Knob and Handle.
Lightweight Carbon Fiber Spool.
Push Button Free Spool Setting Moves Even the Smallest Lures and Baits to Bottom Quickly.

Deluxe Rattle Reel-Hinge

Livingston Lures
-Slingshot with Electronic Sound Technology
-Ice Fishing Caller
The callers come equipped with batteries & sound ready (Sound CS Cisco) to call the fish in, right out of the package.

Chip n' Dip Premium Folding Skimmer-
-Has a "sure-lock" folding system that is sturdy and strong.
Premium Chipping Blade with a cover on one end.

Ice Skimmer with folding handle.
-Premium strong metal folding handle with a sure lock system.
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Shop Extreme Tackle for all your ice fishing needs!

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